“I’ve been finding lately that the more forgiving people and the more understanding people and the more non-judgmental people are non-Christians. No wonder why Jesus loved to hang out with sinners.”

A dear friend told me this the other day and it breaks my heart…mainly because I know that often times it is true…and it never should be. This feeling is becoming disturbingly common in the world of young Christians. Somewhere there is a disconnect, between the love Jesus showed and the love his followers show.

Our society is being galvanized into being accepting of everything based on the wrong hateful actions of a few. Tolerance has become our creed. Was Jesus tolerant?

Did he tolerate the woman at the well living with a man she wasn’t married to? No, he showed her the way to have eternal life, and she gladly followed him

Did he tolerate Zacchaeus being a thief? No but by showing him he was loved and worth something, Zaccheaus was moved to change his ways.

Did he tolerate the religious leaders looking down on the woman who washed his feet? No he told them that she loved him more, because she had been forgiven more.

Did he tolerate the stoning of a woman caught in sin? No he pointed out that all are sinners. Did he tolerate her sin? No, He forgave her and told her to “Go and sin no more”

Did he tolerate the moneychangers in the temple? No he threw them out, quite violently.

Jesus didn’t “tolerate” he was “full of grace and TRUTH”

Tolerance is not the answer, but neither is the knee jerk reaction against tolerance, which often turns into judgment.  “This action is wrong, and I have to prove to you why it is wrong.” Did Jesus have to prove anyone wrong? No.  He was full of truth and GRACE.

This last half seems to be the common action of people on both sides of any issue. While claiming to be tolerant, they judge the people on the other side. Instead of having loving conversations they throw out statements, that while they may true, are said is such a way that they pass judgment on the other side, in the “how dare you believe that” sort of way. This of course causes defensiveness from the other side, who then respond in kind. In our social media driven society this type of back and forth has become all to easy, we can put statements and opinions out there and never really have the conversations that need to come with them. We can make a statement and then laugh at the people who disagree with it, and call them uneducated, intolerant, or naïve. And by doing so we become just as bad as we say they are, as the saying goes the enemy doesn’t care which side of the horse you fall off of, he just cares that you fell off.

This isn’t just happening between Christians and non- Christians, it is happening between Christians, between families and friends. As the lyrics to the song Love Is All by Je’kob say “There’s thirty-eight thousand versions of Christian”. And everyone thinks that the way they see things is the only right way… Guess what? It’s probably not. We are all human and we can never live up to the example of perfect love that Jesus set, because, news flash, we aren’t perfect!  We are all lead astray at some point, by our good intentions, by some teaching that sounds good, by the pressures of society, by wanting an easy answer instead of the hard one. Everyone has walked their own hard road to arrive at where they are. But instead of trying to understand where the other person is coming from, and showing them the truth in love; we snipe at them from our tall tower, never realizing that we have just fallen off the other side of the horse

No one’s mind was ever changed by an argument on the Internet. But responding in love and understanding to someone we don’t see eye to eye with, can change minds and hearts. Responding to a post with a paragraph or two about how God loves someone, and the only way to solve anything is with a personal relationship with Jesus, is not going to win hearts; it may be the truth, but the only way anyone is going to believe that is by YOU having a personal relationship with them first that shows them that this is true. Only by loving our neighbors AND our enemies and by loving God so much that his love spills out of us in ways that can’t be ignored are we ever going to make a difference in this crazy messed up world.


To Blog or Not to Blog. That has been the question.

I have been writing for a couple years, as you can see from the past entries I have uploaded with the original dates. I have published them on FB using the notes feature to share my thoughts with my friends. I have toyed with idea of starting a blog for quite some time, and here I finally am. There is something cathartic about throwing your thoughts out to the world.

My purpose for writing is self-discovery, I learn so much more about myself when I write. My life is so busy and loud that I often don’t get the time to think a thought all the way through or deal with an emotion. When I write I can finish thoughts.

My purpose for sharing my writing is the hope that others can connect with my experiences. That somehow my little thoughts and revelations can help someone, or make someone think, or just let someone know they are not alone.

My purpose for starting a blog is to make myself write more often. I went 8 months without writing, months when I NEEDED to write. I wouldn’t have taken me so long to figure things out if I would have been writing.

So here I am.