To Blog or Not to Blog. That has been the question.

I have been writing for a couple years, as you can see from the past entries I have uploaded with the original dates. I have published them on FB using the notes feature to share my thoughts with my friends. I have toyed with idea of starting a blog for quite some time, and here I finally am. There is something cathartic about throwing your thoughts out to the world.

My purpose for writing is self-discovery, I learn so much more about myself when I write. My life is so busy and loud that I often don’t get the time to think a thought all the way through or deal with an emotion. When I write I can finish thoughts.

My purpose for sharing my writing is the hope that others can connect with my experiences. That somehow my little thoughts and revelations can help someone, or make someone think, or just let someone know they are not alone.

My purpose for starting a blog is to make myself write more often. I went 8 months without writing, months when I NEEDED to write. I wouldn’t have taken me so long to figure things out if I would have been writing.

So here I am.


2 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog. That has been the question.

  1. I love having my blog and having what I feel is a safe place to share my heart. I do keep some posts private, they never show up on my blog page that everyone else can see, only where I can see them, because my blog is for me…..even though I know that it is beneficial for others, and an encouragement for others, it is essentially for me and our family 🙂 Can’t wait to spend some time going through some of your old posts, and I will probably be sharing your blog with a few other friends who are going through similar circumstances….marriages ending when they had no clue and that was NOT in their plans, raising little ones without a spouse, etc.

    Love you my precious friend, and your precious little man! 🙂

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