Through Smoke

This song has been on repeat in my head for the last few days.

“When the answers and the truth take different sides, Will you still find me, Will you still see me, Through smoke…When everything you know seems so untrue. When I am lost in a place I thought I knew….” – NEEDTOBREATHE

‘Lost in a place I thought I knew.’ I read my last post here and realize that it describes me completely. I know exactly where I am and what to do to get out, but I am still wandering around in circles. A dear friend posted a simple quote on Facebook a week ago  “Disappointment kills hope”. And I suddenly had three simple words to describe where I am. I have always been an optimistic, hopeful person. But disappointment has been choking out that person. I don’t even know what to hope FOR anymore.

‘Everything you know seems so untrue.’ What do you do when everything you know, the words you say, and phrases you repeat don’t seem to be true? A song we sang in church today  says, “I sing out and remind my soul” And that is what I need, I need to remind my soul, The service continued on to a sermon tailor made for me. I won’t try to recap in, but it was pretty amazing. (you can listen here WWJT (Pt.2) 4/21/13 ) It was stuff ‘I thought I knew’ but I certainly needed reminding of.

I hope I make it out of this ‘smoke’. Soon. I am tired of being choked up by it.



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