Honor is a funny word (if you look at it too many times it starts to look really strange…believe me I just did). It isn’t something we think about much and until last week I wouldn’t have really used that word much in conjunction with myself. But I am going through a Beth Moore Bible study (David: Seeking a Heart Like His) and Beth has a funny way of pulling things out and saying stuff that hits home on things you didn’t really even know were there. I had one of those moments during last week’s video.

We were looking at Psalm 62, a song that was written by David as he is hiding out, because Saul is trying to kill him. Verse 7 says “My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge.” Now I would look at that and say, “Great! salvation, rock, refuge! “ But what she pulled out was honor. The point she had was this “Significant rest comes to the soul when we accept that God alone is in charge of our honor. God does not just defend our honor. He defines it.”

Let’s define what honor means before we go on.  The New Oxford American Dictionary defines it in the following ways:

• high respect; esteem : his portrait hangs in the place of honor.

• a person or thing that brings credit : you are an honor to our profession.

• adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct : I must as a matter of honor avoid any taint of dishonesty

Honor applies to the respect others have for us, to doing things well, and doing things in a moral, upright manner. Basically I see it as your reputation. So God is in charge of our reputation, he defends it and defines it. It is his standard we have to live up to when it comes to getting respect, doing the best we can and most of all, the moral standard we live by. As she was discussing this point it really hit home with me. I have been worrying about what someone else will think of me, when and if a hypothetical situation comes to pass. (Now isn’t that just typical, worrying about what someone else will think about something that hasn’t even happened.) And it hit me right then, that it doesn’t really matter what they think, what matters is what God thinks. If I am looking to him for guidance, and not just stepping out on my own, I am good. I don’t need to worry about my reputation or my honor. He has it covered! In fact he is the one who defines it

After I felt a great deal of relief from that realization. I had another situation actually happen, because of course when God wants you to get something, he doesn’t just let you apply it to a hypothetical situation, the rubber has to hit the road.  I overheard someone explaining a situation to an acquaintance. This situation very much effects my reputation (or honor) and was not explained in an accurate or truthful manner. My gut wanted to correct the facts on the spot, but I held myself back. Later that night I was contemplating how I could set the record straight (without, of course, appearing neurotic), when up in my head popped this little voice saying “God is in charge of your honor. “ Isn’t that the way it always goes, we sit here planning and scheming, and God is just sitting up there waiting for us to realize…HE’S GOT THIS TOO!

So, I don’t need to set the record straight. If it is important for this person to know the truth, the time will come for it to be told. But I don’t need to run around defending myself. God is much bigger and stronger than me; I think I can safely leave the job of defender in his hands. What a relief!